Retro Sci-Fi

Posted: June 8, 2010 by John Amor in Intros
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Lloyd Limbaga gets to choose this week’s theme, and it centers on RETRO SCI-FI.  Let’s see some rivets, people!  And in honor of the late Frank Frazetta, we’ve posted one of his paintings as inspiration! Frank, you’re still number 1!   Feel free to do your own research of other popular classic sci-fi illustrators including Wally Wood, Mark Schultz, Jack Kirby, and many others.

  1. I’m really liking the themes we’re getting to draw! Nice pick Lloyd!

  2. rey siasar says:

    robot nga naay boobs!

  3. @Alex i agree, cool pick, maka research ug ahat hehehe

  4. John Amor says:

    Kudos to Lloyd for the theme. Let’s have this for two weeks so everyone can really go crazy with their artwork 🙂

  5. zeroimagination says:

    Fritz Lang’s Metropolis ko!!!

  6. Lloyd says:


    conical boobs with rivets at the base..haha!

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